Monday, May 21, 2007

I promise I'm not a slacker!

I've been MIA from my blog, but I haven't been slacking!

I'm signed up for the following races for this year:

The San Francico Half Marathon (2nd half)
The Nike Women's Half Marathon
The New York Marathon (if I get in!)

I'm also planning on throwing some other races in there, such as
The Duskbuster 5k in Golden Gate Park
The Stadium to Stadium 10K (just to run with Gavin!)
The Rock N Roll San Jose Half Marathon

I'm using SFRRC's Competetive Time Goal Schedule, which will hopefully help me get to a sub-1:45 half marathon in July. Keep your fingers crossed! I'm also doing some cross training, trying to swim and do spin class (or ride) at least twice a week. Other than taking a few days off for a cold, I'm doing well!

Tonight I'm off to do a 14-miler...I'm running 7 to Jack's house and then picking him up to do another 7 (the prescribed training distance for his half marathon training schedule). Yes, that's right, Jack is training for a half marathon! He's freaking out now - the farthest he's ever gone is 6 miles, and that was last week - but I know he can do it!