Sunday, September 11, 2011

San Francisco Food Bank Hunger Challenge - Day 2

It's Day 2 of the Hunger Challenge, and so far things are going pretty well.

Thank God it's Sunday, because the morning started with a frantic scramble to figure out how much a serving of coffee costs. Not sure that's something I could handle on a Monday morning. :) Anyway, if you make an actual serving of coffee, it's $0.06, which isn't too bad. Thing is, an actual serving of coffee is only two teaspoons of grinds and 6 oz of water, making for some rather weak coffee compared to what we're used to. We opted for two servings each this morning, and we were pretty satisfied with the result - tomorrow we may need to reduce the water a bit so it's a little stronger and more enjoyable. 

The nectarine put it over the top - definitely a bit of a luxury!
The rest of breakfast consisted of some oatmeal (1 cup of oats each), raisins (18 raisins each - those little buggers are pretty pricey!), a little bit of sugar, half a nectarine each (pretty expensive at $0.40 each, but I didn't want them to go to waste since I bought them last week), and half a cup of milk each (for the coffee and to cool down the oatmeal.

So excited the natural PB was on sale!
$0.12 = (36 raisins)
$0.24 = coffee (4 6oz servings)
$0.40 = nectarine
$0.22 = milk (1 cup) 
$0.02 = 4 tsp sugar
$0.44 = oatmeal (4 half cup servings)
$1.44 total for a pretty tasty breakfast

After breakfast, we had to run some errands, and we decided to go for a little trail run up at Tennessee Valley, so we opted for a quick PB&J snack on our way out the door. 

$0.25 for two slices of whole wheat bread 
$0.19 for 2T of peanut butter
$0.10 for 1T blackberry preserves
$0.54 total for a PB&J (which we split) ($1.98 altogether)

After our trail run, we were pretty much bonked and desperate for lunch, mostly because it was close to 3pm by the time we got home. Didn't plan that one too well! We had already planned to have some more beans and some of the cornbread that Stephen made last night, so it didn't take too long to heat things up. Since Stephen obviously needs more calories than I do, I gave him some of my beans (I don't think I could have possibly eaten any more of them even if I'd tried!), and I used a few more cents to add some margarine and honey to my cornbread.

Starting to get desperate for some veggies...
$0.66 for the beans
$0.58 for the cornbread
$0.02 for 1/2T margarine
$0.05 for 1tsp honey
$1.31 total for lunch ($3.29 altogether)

We each also had a mid-afternoon chocolate chip cookie ($0.18), so that put us at $3.47 for the day.

I was particularly looking forward to dinner, a vegetable and pork stew that Stephen made last night. It turned out to be pretty freaking fantastic! It's probably going to be our only fresh meat of the week, but it will last us for three meals, so that's great. When we were shopping yesterday, we went straight for the clearance meat first, to see what was available. Most of it was a scary greenish-gray color, so we didn't go there, but we did find this one nice little package of pork that was cut up for stew. We'd already planned to have stew on the menu, so it worked out well for us. Beyond that, we bought a bag of carrots and a bag of potatoes. Add water, salt, pepper, and a little bit of vegetable oil to brown the pork, and voila! Add to that some cornbread to soak up the broth, and you have yourself a mighty fine dinner. Thinking back, I sort of wish we'd bought that head of cabbage to throw in there, but considering the amount of beans we've eaten in the last two days, maybe it's better that we didn't. :)
Very tasty, and filling too!

So, for dinner we had:
$0.66 for the potatoes
$0.28 for the carrots
$0.98 for the pork
$0.01 for the vegetable oil
$0.58 for the cornbread
$2.51 total for dinner, bringing us to $5.98

Milk ($0.44 for 1/2c each) and cookies ($0.36 for 2 each) for dessert brings us today's grand total to $6.78!

I have to say, after only a day and half, it's starting to get pretty exhausting. I assume that you would start to get to know what and how much each person can have after doing this for a while, but it seems like all we've talked about all day is food. I can see how this would be really tough to deal with day after day - having to plan so carefully while already dealing with so few resources. Definitely makes you think.

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